Unique Pet Grooming Services That Startup Groomers Should Offer

Australia has over 29 million pets, with dogs accounting for 40% of the number. Besides, the trend does not seem to be slowing down. Fortunately, it only means one thing for pet groomers: more business. However, with over 4000 pet groomers in the country, cutting it as a new pet grooming service provider can feel like an insurmountable exercise. Nonetheless, it does not have to be the case, especially if you offer services that other pet groomers do not provide. [Read More]

Answers to 5 Common Pet Ultrasound Questions

A pet ultrasound is an effective and safe diagnostic imaging technique that can be used to locate swallowed objects, the location of potential tumors or even to track cardiovascular health. If your vet has recommended an ultrasound, you may have a few questions.  1. Is the Ultrasound Painful? An ultrasound is a painless process. In most cases, there isn't even any discomfort involved for your pet. The only time minor discomfort may be a concern is if a fine needle aspirate or biopsy is done at the same time as the ultrasound. [Read More]

Torn Knee Ligaments in Dogs: What Pet Parents Should Know

The energy level of dogs can be remarkable, and even a bit exhausting, for a pet parent. Some dogs seem to have an endless capacity for running around, jumping, and any form of play. It can be disconcerting when your dog's mobility rapidly deteriorates, or stops suddenly. Could your pooch have torn their knee ligament? Instant or Gradual A torn knee ligament can happen instantly, as the result of an accident. [Read More]

Two Mistakes People Make When They Sign Their Puppies Up to Behaviour Training Courses

Here are some mistakes some puppy-owners make after signing their young dogs up for puppy behaviour training courses. They don't consult their vet if their puppy's behaviour doesn't improve after a few classes After each puppy behaviour training class that a person attends with their pet, they should expect to see either a slight or significant improvement in their pet's behaviour (depending on how complex the techniques demonstrated in the class were and how intelligent and focused their puppy is). [Read More]